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Update construction works 30 km/h zone campus

We have been working on the reconstruction of the entrance of the UT for several weeks. The new contours of the oval roundabout are already visible and we will soon be constructing sustainable layers of asphalt. We expect to open the entrance again for motorized traffic on Monday, 19 July. Also, the Drienerlolaan and part of the Hallenweg are reconstructed from that moment.

Crossing Boerderwijweg - Drienerlolaan

As soon as we have opened the oval roundabout to traffic, we will start working on the crossing Boerderijweg – Drienerlolaan. From that moment on it will be closed to all traffic. We carry out our construction works on this intersection during the summer holidays. The new crossing will be ready before the Kick-Inn starts. During the Kick-Inn we limit our activities to offer as much space as possible.


We have been looking at using the most sustainable use of materials and products for the reconstruction works. For example, the implementation of ‘CO2  absorbing asphalt’ on a large scale, which is unique in the Twente region. The coating is able to break down CO2 during its entire life and convert it into non-harmful substances. In addition, we use Lynpave, a so-called low-temperature asphalt with linseed oil as a bitumen substitute. We will use Lynpave in the underlayers of the asphalt construction. We also opt for sustainable solutions in concrete materials by using cement-free concrete as much as possible.