Student Organizations

Student Teams

The UT offers many teams and associations with a focus on sustainability. You could join a team, committee or board and contribute to a more sustainable world! 

Electric Superbike Twente

Electric Superbike Twente is a multidisciplinary student team whose aim is to develop an electric racing motorcycle. Our goal is to preserve racing for future generations by encouraging a shift towards electric racing. To show the teams potential, we strive to set the fastest lap time for an electric motorcycle on the Assen TT race track. Together with our partners, we want to be pioneers in electric mobility by being at the frontier of technological innovation on the race track.  

Green Team Twente

Green Team Twente is a multidisciplinary student team with students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Together we are committed to develop and apply technological innovations in the field of sustainable mobility. We do this by designing, building and racing one of the most efficient hydrogen cars in the world. Every year a new team is formed to take up this challenge. As a proof of concept we compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon, in which student teams compete for who has build the most efficient car. 


The Solar Boat Twente team is a group of passionate young students who are all very much committed to having a positive impact on society throughout our careers. We are building a solar boat and will race it against other teams, competing for victory. But that is not all. We strive to inspire and drive the maritime industry to become sustainable. In this way, having the positive impact on society we all ultimately pursue.

Solar Team Twente

The students of Solar Team Twente develop a new solar car from scratch within only one year, with one goal: building the most efficient solar vehicle of the world. This car is designed to drive more than 3.000 kilometers by only using solar energy. Sounds crazy? It is, but student team Solar Team Twente makes the impossible possible. By competing in several solar races around the world, the team challenges the limits of existing technology every year.



Sustain is a group of students who are enthusiastic about realizing a truly sustianable University of Twente. It is the first association focused primarily on raising awareness about sustainability and improving the sustainability of the University of Twente. It is also a place to meet like-minded people who form a passionate community.


WOT stands for Werkgroep OntwikkelingsTechnieken or Working group on Development Techniques. We are an association aimed at developing simple and affordable technology, such as pumps, for developing countries in a way that makes them easily repairable for local users and with materials that are easily available. In this way we try to increase the self-reliance and help the living conditions of people in Third World countries by providing mechanical sustainable technologies. You probably know the WOT best as that field and workshop with all the windmills behind the Horst tower, but we don’t only build and maintain windmills, we also work on a wide range of development techniques and handle advice requests from people all over the world. We are a highly practical association where you can learn how to use different tools and materials and make and maintain different types of mechanical systems (e.g. windmills, water pumps, waterrams, pv systems, well drilling equipment).  If this sounds interesting to you don’t hesitate to contact us!