See CuriousU summer school | International summer school in Europe

CuriousU summer school | International summer school in Europe

Testimonials participants 2018

Natasha, South Africa, Health & Hapinness course
“The campus of the University of Twente is exceptional in terms of natural beauty, being highly resourced as well as ultra-modern and technological. On a global scale the CuriousU experience serves to bring together individuals from all continents and nationalities, in a summer school that embraces the perfect balance of working hard and having fun. Meeting with Professor Bohlmeijer, one of the authors of the book "Using Positive Psychology Every Day: Learning How to Flourish" stands out as a highlight which both motivates and inspires my goal towards improving the well-being of South African teachers.”
Brenda, USA, EntrepreneurialU course
“The course I took was EntrepreneurialU and I was able to collaborate in a classroom that was filled with people from different parts of the world! It was an incredible experience in the classroom but also afterwards the events were great. Especially the night when the rock band showed up!”
Albert, Germany, Earth Observation and GIS for Engineering and Security course
“When I think back to CuriousU the first thing that comes to my mind is all the great people I met. It was a great mixture of like-minded people from all over the world meeting in one place to learn about new technologies and ways of thinking. What really impressed me about the University Twente is that it's not only a place to learn, but thanks to all the extracurricular activities it offers, it's also a place where students spend and enjoy their free time”
Lefteris, Greece, Earth Observation and GIS for Engineering and Security course
“CuriousU was a really life-changing experience for me. During band night I had the time of my life. However, CuriousU was not only about having fun.We got the chance to explore the academic life of University of Twente, experience the uniqueness of its campus, attend many interesting courses and make friends from all over the world.”
Sheeqal, Singapore, Finance Bootcamp for Smart Businesses course
“I think the first thing that hit me was the beauty of the campus. The way the infrastructure seamlessly integrated into the forest landscape of the area was truly a sight to behold. On top of that the people I met here were exceptional. What impressed me the most was their diverse way of thinking and their desire to do good to the world, with the aid of cutting edge technology. However, I think my best memories, aside from all the AMAZING activities, were on the dance floor. Dance to me is expression of self in the rawest form and it filled my heart to see so many individuals expressing themselves on the dance floor, regardless whether it was during the band night or at the Vesting Bar.”