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Summer school: Exploring the Dutch identity: education, history, culture and art

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(THIS COURSE HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED FOR CURIOUSU 2021. More information on the course and its programme will be provided soon)

The Netherlands is more than its canals, its bikes and the beautiful grey skies. Are you curious about The Netherlands, its culture and way of life? Are you interested in exploring and learning more about the Dutch education system at the University of Twnete and what it can offer you? This course will offer you a taste of the country, education, culture and history and help you get a full picture of how your student life may look like if you decide to study in The Netherlands.

The aim of this course is to help with the culturalization of (prospective) international students by providing them with information on Dutch culture and the education system and tips to help them integrate to the Dutch culture and society. 

Learning outcomes

After following this course, you will:

  • Familiarise yourself with The Netherlands as a country and get the historical background that formed the country’s identity
  • Explore and learn about the Dutch culture, history and art
  • Bridge cultural gaps between the Netherlands and other countries through history and learn more about the relations with other countries as well as how the Dutch identity is formed
  • Familiarise yourself with the (student) lifestyle, the biking culture and other practicalities encountered in everyday life (including developng some basic Dutch language skills)
  • Learn about the Dutch education system offered in higher education, the classroom culture in Dutch universities with a specific focus to the innovative teaching methodology used at the University of Twnete (project and problem based education)
  • See the Netherlands as a truly international and diverse location and environment

Course leader

C. Schlief (Céline)
Coordinator Dutch

Course details

  • Methods: various interactive lectures and group work, excursions and field work
  • Course level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Target group: Students in their third Bachelor’s year with an interest in dutch culture 
  • Course leader: Céline  Schouten-Schlief
  • Credits: No credits but a certificate is given for successfully completing the summer school

Festival schedule

To be announced soon!

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