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Enschede, the Netherlands and Germany

Enschede - A lively student city

Enschede is located in the east part of the Netherlands and on the german border! With over 160,000 inhabitants, Enschede is the biggest city in this part of the country. A city with in total 30,000 students enrolled at one of the three higher education institutions - Saxion Hogeschool Enschede (Saxion University of Professional Education, Enschede), the Academy of Music, the Academy of Art, or the University of Twente. In the city centre, you can find the main square Van Heekplein where you can find all the shops you need and every Tuesday and Saturday, the open market of the city with fresh vegetables and fish to buy! Places for coffee, food or drinks are located in the Oude Markt where also a lot of students spend their nights at. Enschede is in general a quiet, cozy and safe city to live in with access to countryside and many green areas. The city attracts not only its Dutch inhabitants, but also Germans living near the border who prefer to do their weekly shopping at our city. For football fans, the city hosts the football club of FC Twente

Enschede is chosen for the sudies of both Dutch and many international students because it combines many facilities with coziness and of course one of the most affordable way of living compared to other Dutch student cities. Being the second most international student city makes Enschede a welcoming destination for students from all over the world! Another unique element of the city, is that there are many student associations and student activism here is highly developed. 

The netherlands


CuriousU is an ultimate learning experience but you can also perceive this summer school as a chance to visit the rest of the Netherlands as well, this time as a tourist! The Netherlands is known for its colourful toulip fields, the canals and the huge amount of bikes - which by the way exceeds the number of the citizens in the country!


During your free day (Saturday 17th August 2019), you could travel to Amsterdam, this unique capital which attracts milions of tourists annually. Book your ticket Enschede Kennispark - Amsterdam Centraal in the yellow machines at the train stations or use group tickets (see below) which save you money via and ready to go! The journey takes about 2.14 hours and trains ride 30 mins approximately. For timetables, please check  

You can enjoy the famous Van Gogh Museum or just walk around the famous Dam Square which is located just few minutes walk away from Amsterdam Centraal station. Enjoy the unique architecture of the streets and do not forget to try cheese of course! You can find many shops around which sells the famous Oud Amsterdam cheese and you can even taste different kind of cheese in different shops for free! Do not forget to visit the iconic Museum Plein where the famous Van Gogh Museum , Rijksmuseum and I am Amsterdam letters are located. You can take a canal cruise with the nice company of sun hopefully! For the ones loving history, do no miss the chance to visit Anne Frank House. For the park lovers, Amsterdam has a lot to offer if you wish to enjoy your day chilling at a park or do a picnic. Visit for example Vondelpark and enjoy a summer live concert. 

For more information on things to do in Amsterdam, feel free to check !


Utrecht is also a nice idea if you wish to experience the most central city of the Netherlands which despite the fact that is the 4th largest city, you can easily walk around its centre and enjoy its small canals! Book your tickets Enschede Kennispark - Utrecht in the yellow machines at the train stations or use group tickets (see below) which save you money via and ready to go! The journey lasts less than 2hours. For timetables, please check  

Visit the Dom Tower and enjoy your meal or coffee in one of the numerous cafes or restaurants around! Admire the lively city centre with the numerous canals and spend some time for shopping since Utrecht offers a wide variety of shops and brands to choose from.

For more information on how to spend a day in Utrecht, please check here !


Giethoorn is the so called "Venice of Holland" and it is built in the water! Book your tickets Enschede Kennispark - Zwolle in the yellow machines at the train stations or use group tickets (see below) which save you money via and ready to go! The journey takes 1 hour and trains ride 30 mins approximately. From Zwolle, take a bus to Giethoorn. For timetables, please check  

You can rent an electric boat (€15 per hour), canoe (€8 per hour) or bike (€8 per day) as soon as you arrive at Giethoorn. You can experience the village structure and the small canals and you cannot use an auto inside the village. Hopefully during your visit, music and cultural events take place which you can enjoy while having your dinner or your coffee.

German border


Enschede - the city where the University of Twente is located- is next to the german border, actually it takes 10 minutes by bike from Enschede city centre to reach Germany! 

For instance, you might be curious to explore the german countryside nearby by bike or to visit Münster. Book your tickets Enschede Kennispark - Münster (W) Zentrum Nord in the yellow machines at the train stations or use group tickets (see below) which save you money via and ready to go! The journey takes 1 hour and trains ride every 1 hour. For timetables, please check  

Münster is a lively metropolis with many festivals organised every season and attracting a lot of visitors.

For more information, please check here.

Group tickets 

Group tickets are ideal if you are travelling inside the Netherlands with the new friends you will make during CuriousU! If you are travelling with a group 4 -7 people (from € 7,50 per person/one way) please check for more information and for booking.

NOTE: For booking the group tickets online you do need a dutch bank account and we are here for this! You can book and print the tickets that you use during CuriousU after asking for it at the reception of the main festival tent!