We are looking for a student or students who are willing and capable of designing and building a lockbox that can be opened by scanning a QR code.

Do you think you're right for the job or do you have any questions? Read the briefing below and get in touch through the form.

Background information

This summer the University of Twente will once again organise the CuriousU summer school festival from the 14th to the 23rd of August. For more information see the CuriousU webpage.

During the Master Open Day (17th of March) we want to give visitors an opportunity to win a ticket to the CuriousU festival in an attention grabbing manner.

Each visitor already has a Master Day invitation that includes a QR code (used to scan visitors upon arrival to gather visitor statistics). The visitor can produce this QR code either on a paper printout or on their smartphone through an app.

Open Days visitors will be able to have their QR code scanned by a lock box containing tickets for the CuriousU festival. A predetermined winner will be able to open the box and take the ticket.


Design and build a plexiglass lockbox that contains the CuriousU ticket.

The lockbox needs to incorporate a QR scanner and a electronic locking mechanism (for instance an electromagnet). The box will only unlock when a visitor offers the correct QR code to the scanner.

Conditions and considerations

  • The lockbox must able to keep a list of multiple correct QR codes. Not every registrant will actually visit the Open Day and not every visitor will attempt to unlock the box. We will generate a list of potential winners from the pool of QR codes generated, any one of these should unlock the box.
  • For ease of use it should be easy to change or update the list of correct QR codes without danger of causing bugs or malfunctions.
  • There needs to be a feedback system gives feedback regarding the scanning process. Ie. scanning in progress, scanning failed, code rejected, code accepted etc.
  • There needs to be a feedback system that let’s the user know the box is locked or has successfully unlocked.
  • There should be a ‘hidden' failsafe that allows staff to open the box without a correct QR code. This could be as simple as disconnecting the power in order to power down the electronic lock.
  • ...


The first phase of the project will be an inventory phase where we’ll require a full estimate of man-hours, materials and construction costs involved. Based on the feasibility of this estimate the project will receive a go or no-go.


The lockbox needs to be finished and tested before the 17th of march. It'll be used during the Master Open Days on this day.