All visa procedures remain in the student's responsibility and must be arranged prior to arriving in Enschede! If you need a visa you wil probably need a short term Schengen visa to attend CuriousU.

Due to the national and international Covid-19 restrictions, participation from countries overseas may not be possible. Please check with your university or country regarding the policies of travelling abroad. If you require additional information, please contact us. 

Invitation letter for students needing a visa

Briefly after your registration (once fee has been paid) we will send you a digital invitation letter (by e-mail) from the University of Twente stating your admission into the CuriousU summer school programme. Furthermore we provide you with an official invoice.

Do I need a visa?

Most students will not need a visa for visting the Netherlands since the summer school course runs for less than three months. However, it is the candidate’s responsibility to look into this matter independently. For more information about your specific visa application procedure, please contact the Dutch embassy closest to your city of residence.

What about travel and insurance costs?

Personal expenses like travel costs (plane ticket, train ticket, etc.), travel insurance and other expenses, as well as accommodation other than a tent are not included in the basic fee. For more details check our terms and conditions.

Visa refusal

Obtaining an appropriate visa is the student’s personal responsibility. Failure to obtain a visa does not exempt the student from his/her payment obligations but we offer several refund deadlines