Admission check

You can do our check to see if you can be admitted to CuriousU!

As you may now CuriousU is focused on Bachelor’s students in their second to last or last year, and entry level Master’s students, but is also open for anyone with broad interests and an inquisitive mind. So we do not have specific (C)GPA requirements. Read more about our general admission citeria for the CuriousU summer school

If you doubt if you will be admitted to CuriousU you can use our question based admission tool prior to your registration.

Are you between 15 to 18 years?

Have a look at summer camp InspireU. InspireU is an event for both international and Dutch students who haven't yet started their university careers, but are finishing up their high-school education. If you are anywhere between 15 to 18 years old, you are good to go admission wise.