Summer school: Mix & Match

Do you want to Mix Curiousu Courses?

If you choose to register for the "Mix and Match"course you are mixing the courses mentioned above you will get a certificate but not the 2 ECTS. Students following the English for academic purposes course will get an certifacte and 1.5 ECTS.

Mix and match explained:

  • Mix & match participants can decide every day which course sessions they want to visit.
  • The majority of all course sessions within CuriousU are open for mix & match students, but there are circumstances where mix & match students cannot join a specific session. Sometimes, we have a contest or presentations, which had to be prepared carefully in previous sessions. If you missed these earlier sessions, it is not possible to join these specific sessions. In each course a limited number of seats is available for mix and match students.
  • Mix & match students also get ECTS credits if they use all available slots, just like the regular course participants who need to follow all course sessions in order to get their ECTS credits.