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Use the form on this page to let your friends know about CuriousU! We will send them an email with some info about CuriousU. We will mention your name in the email. Only one email will be sent; we won't send your friends additional emails.

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    Hi [friend],

    Your friend [you] told us you’d be interested in our festival-style summer school, CuriousU 2021 (8 – 17 August).

    What is CuriousU?

    CuriousU is a one-of-a-kind combination of a summer school and a festival: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspirational speakers. We’ve got it all. The last edition of CuriousU was a huge success with participants from more than 50 countries!

    Our courses

    We will offer you the following CuriousU courses in our hottest research fields!

    You can also mix and match CuriousU courses. 

    Completion of a course will result in 2 ECTS! (except for the language and culture courses, which result in 1 to 1.5 ECTS, depending on the course). Completion of the Mix & Match course, will grant you only a certificate but no ECs.

    Get impressed

    Last year’s students had a lot of fun! Check out the photos and the aftermovie.

    A great discount!

    Download our flyer with more info to get an extra 10% discount on the current fee.

    [friend], we’re looking forward to see you at CuriousU this summer!

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