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CuriousU: location preferences for your course

This form can be used by the courseleaders of CuriousU to give their preferences for locations, materials and other things they might need. If there are questions please contact me on

During CuriousU there will be a morning and afternoon session each day of the week. For the purpose of these sessions you will have need of a room where you can give lectures and preform group work. Below you can give your preference for the lecture room you would like to use during CuriousU.

If you have specific days you want to use specific rooms for e.g. brainstorming or prototyping, you can check those days and fill in your requirements for that specific day. Generally speaking, every location we provide has a screen, internet connection, chairs and desks. If you need additional material you can fill out the question at the bottom.

Which day do you need a different location? If you have need of specific materials you can use the question at the bottom of the page.