Admission & Application

  • How do I apply?

    Please read the following information about the steps in the application procedure carefully:

    1. Please read the course information carefully
    2. Please check our cancellation policy
    3. Check if you comply with the admission requirements
    4. Log in to our registration page
    5. Fill out the registration completely in your personal online registration page
    6. The page will lead you automatically to a page on which you can pay
    7. Payment can be done by Visa/Mastercard credit cards, PayPal, iDEAL, Giropay, ING HomePay, Belfius, KBC, CBC and SOFORT, Tunz.
    8. Do not close the window before the payment is confirmed. Only confirmed payment is proof of successful application.  You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of payment.
  • Do I need to take an English-language test?

    No, we do not ask that. However, we expect you to have a good command of the English language (IELTS 6.0, B2, TOEFL 550 or equivalent) so you can follow the lectures, write papers and participate actively in the discussions. It is, however, not mandatory.

  • Until when can I apply for a course?

    The application deadline is 26th July, 2021. However, we encourage students to apply as early as possible as some courses may fill up before the application deadline.

  • I have applied for a course, when will I receive more information?

    After you have applied for a course you will receive a confirmation of application and practical information.

  • What happens if the course I want to take is cancelled?

    CuriousU reserves the right to cancel the course. Participants should keep this in mind when making travel arrangements; any expenses made other than course and housing fees, will not be reimbursed.

    If a course you are enrolled in needs to be cancelled, you will be notified by our office and given the opportunity to enroll in a different course or we can reimburse the fee.

  • I have been accepted for a course, what should I do now?

    As soon as you have been accepted for a course, you will receive an email with practical information. Placement will be based on the order of payment (first-come first-served). Your placement in the course is only definite, after we have registered your payment. You can stay up-to-date after registering via Facebook.

  • What are the admission criteria?

    If you doubt if you will be admitted you can use our question based admission tool prior to your registration.


  • Where can I find Covid-19 updates?

    For more information and updates on Covid-19 in relation to CuriousU, please make sure to regularly check our website, our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) as well as contact us via if you have questions you cannot find answers to via our other channels. For more information about Covid-19 and the University of Twente specifically can be found in our main university page. For more information regarding the national regulations, decisions and policies related to the Covid-19 and the Netherlands can be found in the official government website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

  • What are the Covid-19 guidelines in the Netherlands?

    The guidelines regarding Covid-19 in the Netherlands are constantly changing and being updated and can be followed via the official government website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

  • How will CuriousU ensure safety?

    As organisers of CuriousU we have a great responsibility to ensure that we organise and offer the summer school in a safe way for our participants and staff involved. This is why we are offering a fully online summer school. If you have any concerns or questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us via  

  • Do I get my money back if a cause related to Covid-19 prevents me from travelling?

    Due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic, we have decided to offer an even more flexible cancellation policy to ensure that you have some more time and flexibility in making changes or cancelling your participation in the event that you are prohibited to travel abroad. Please check our Cancellation Policy in relation to Covid-19 in relation to cancellations form participants (Terms and Conditions, articles 11 and 12).

(Online) Courses

  • When will I receive the course materials?

    Course materials are provided on site and/or online. If the course leader requires you to read material beforehand, he or she will contact you in advance.

  • Do I need a laptop?

    Yes, you will need a laptop to follow the online component of the courses. We also advise you to bring along a laptop to the UT. We have free wifi as well as lockers for your laptop.

  • Do I need specific software to follow the online part of the summer course?

    You don’t need any specific software or hardware to follow the online parts of the programe, unless it is stated in the course description or requested by the Course Leader (very unlikely). What you need is a laptop with good functionality and a stable internet connection in order to be able to access the online platform for your course (educational platforms similar to Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, etc.) but also to participate to synchronous lectures, workshops, virtual group work and other online activities and of course read through the course material.

  • How many contact hours does the course consist of?

    The schedule and exact number of contact hours varies among the courses. Each course offers lecturers, group work and individual assignments. In total, this makes approximately 56 contact hours for a 2 ECTS course and 43 contact hours for a 1,5 ECTS course.

  • What is the course programme?

    Each course has a different programme. The course programme can be found on the website under “courses” and is based on Central European Summer time (UTC+02:00).

  • When will the courses start?

    The online courses will start on 2 August. The courses on campus will start on 9 August, however we doexpect you to arrive on 8 August (arrival day).

  • Can I participate in two courses?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible.

  • Can I change courses?

    Yes you can, if the course isn't full already. This can be done with the personal link in your registration email.

  • Can I follow the summer school if I am in a different timezone?

    CuriousU summer school is open for participants from all over the world. We plan our programme in the best possible way to accommodate students from different time zones. However, be aware that if you are from a country with a very different time, you may need to follow some parts of a programme early in the morning or late evening. For more information on a course schedule for a specific course, visit the course page.


  • How many credits can I receive for a summer course?

    You can get a maximum of 2 European Credits per course. We would like to point out that recognition of credits is at the discretion of your home institution. Also note that some courses result in less than 2 credits.


  • How much does it cost to register for CuriousU?

    The participation fees are listed on our information page.

  • Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?

    Costs will be owed in the event of cancellation or if the participant interrupts the course or ends it prematurely. Please consult our terms and conditions for the detailed cancellation policy.

  • Can I use someone else's credit card to make the payment?

    Yes, that is possible.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

     No we don't. Please ask your home university about your options.

Summer programme

  • Do I need to buy tickets to join social activities?

    No, online social activities are included in the fee (CuriousU package).

  • Are there separate social programmes for each course?

    No, but you can choose which of the social activities you want to participate in.

  • Do I need to participate in social activities?

    No, online social activities are optional. However, we believe social activities are a great opportunity to meet other summer school participants. 

During curiousu

  • Where can I go with questions during the summer school?

    During the CuriousU there will be several CuriousU crew members available online who will answer all your questions.

About The Netherlands

  • Are all summer school students international?

    Most students will be international, but CuriousU is open to anyone, so there will be Dutch students as well.


  • Can you send me a letter of acceptance?

    No, you won’t receive a letter of acceptance/invitation letter.

    If you registered to our summer school before the 1st of June, you received a letter of acceptance/invitation letter. Due to our decision to organise the summer school in a fully online format, the letter of acceptance/invitation letter is no longer valid. You as well as respective embassy were contacted about this fact via e-mail. Any attempt to utilise this letter after it is annulled is considered illegal. 

  • Do I need a visa?

    CuriousU is organised in a fully online format and no travelling to the Netherlands is needed. Therefore, you don’t need to apply for a visa.