Win a free spot for CuriousU!

See you at a fully new summer school in 2024

We are giving away one ticket for the CuriousU summer school with academic courses in our hottest research topics. Besides the courses you can enjoy your summer with social activities, sports, food and inspirational speakers at our beautiful University of Twente campus. Check the CuriousU website for all details.

We're organising a competition in which you can win one free spot for CuriousU 2022. The code we're giving away can only be used once but you can choose which course you want to join! Once the code has been hacked and used by someone else, you can't use it anymore.

How to participate

Go to our validator page and start with whatever you think is the best way to do this (e.g brute-forcing). Here are a few hints:

What to do if your code is valid

Congratulations! Now that you have a 100% discount code, it's important to register as soon as possible, or someone else might use it before you! Of course, you are allowed to give the code to someone else.