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Conversion table non-ECTS credits as aid

The credit conversion table is meant to serve as an aid for the Examination Boards of educational programmes within the University of Twente. Students can use the table as a guidance to check if their proposed exchange courses represents enough workload.

All UT bachelor, and also master educational programmes have their own rules and regulations when it concerns study abroad. Most of the programmes ask of the student to hand in (some sort of) a Learning Agreement and have it carefully looked at by the examination board, as is obligatory in case of exchange to an Erasmus+ partner. The Learning Agreement consists out of the courses a student wants to take up, the level of the courses and the number of grades the courses will be awarded with. Examination Boards can use the ‘Credit Conversion Table’ to determine the number of ECTS to which the successfully completed course(s) c.q. project(s) should be converted into upon return.

The exam committees can always decide to deviate from the conversion in the table.

Results won't be converted

UCOW also agreed upon the advice to only transfer credits, and not the results (grades or letters). Conversion of results is a delicate procedure and rather difficult as other ways of assessment should be taken into account, as well as cultural and local habits regarding grading. Just the credits will be converted and will be registered in SIS as ‘V’ (pass). The student always has to possibility to request an official Transcript of Records, which includes the official results provided by the Partner University.