Increasing amount of outgoing Exchange students

The amount of students going abroad for exchange during the 5th semester (minor) is substantially increasing. In the UT’s Vision 2020, there is a specific emphasis on internationalization. In “Vision 2020 - Navigating with Precision” , ‘Students experience studying and working abroad’ is specifically stressed. Also, in ‘2020 - Educating the Global Citizen', a clear goal has been formulated: 75% of the students should obtain at least 15EC abroad.

Registration of Externally obtained credits

Upon return, the credits which are obtained during the exchange semester abroad, have to be registered into the Student Information System, Osiris. Credits, which are obtained at EU Partner Universities that work with the ECTS system, can be transferred without conversion according to the Erasmus+ and the Bologna framework. The conversion of credits obtained at foreign universities which do not use the ECTS system, is a time-consuming and difficult process.

An uniform conversion of credits

Up till this point, there is no uniform credit conversion table for credits obtained at foreign partner universities which do not work according to the ECTS system. Also, there was no standardised procedure about the process of, and conditions applying to credit transfer which need to be taken into account. To avoid differences in calculation of obtained credits at non-EU Partner Universities, the UCO decided, based upon advice from the Platform Internationalisation, to create one uniform credit conversion table and a person responsible for the maintenance of the table.