Mandatory Registration & Travel Insurance

Mandatory registration of your stay abroad

To allow the UT to contact you in case of emergency, all outgoing UT students are required to register their stay abroad in Mobility Online. Registration in Mobility Online is also required to apply for a scholarship.
Please see "More info" below to register in Mobility Online or to login.

Free Travel insurance

Upon completing the Mobility Online registration you are automatically registered for a free travel insurance. This free insurance applies to study related activities only, and only has basic coverage. Please check with your own insurance if you need additional coverage!
Keep in mind that the UT travel insurance is only valid for the duration of your study-related stay abroad, and not for free traveling after your programme.

more info:

Safety and travel advice

Mandatory safety check of the country/region

Please fill in your destination country in one of the links to be able to see the recommendations on a map. Green and yellow area's are considered "safe". Orange and red area's are considered unsafe, and are highly advised against. If you do travel to an unsafe region, please be aware you a no longer eligible for a scholarship.

Mobility Online
Each mobility must be registered seperately.
You can login after you have registered your mobility.
Travel insurance

After your mobility has been approved in Mobility Online by your faculty (exchange, internship or programme) coordinator, you will automatically receive the insurance policy by email, including the attachments in the links below (general conditions and coverage overview). 

  • UT travel insurance is not valid for additional travel after finishing your study related activities. You will have to arrange additional insurance.
  • Please be aware of official travel advice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes an overview of all recent official travel recommendations (link below). In case of emergency, contact your UT internationalization coordinator.
  • If your international stay is more than 180 consecutive days (up to a maximum of 365 days) you are obliged to have international health insurance.
  • Call the number of the insurance company when you need to use your travel insurance (see link below). 
  • Students with AON Liability Insurance: please be aware that this insurance is not valid for USA/Canada.

Changes to the insurance

If you have already received a confirmation of your registration, and you need to make changes in dates or destination: please LOGIN.