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Visa / Work permit / Passport / Drivers Licence

  • Residence permit / Visa

    EU nationals do not need a residence- or work permits for study or internship in EU countries. If you are not a EU citizen or your study/internship abroad takes place in a non-EU country, please contact the embassy of your host country for accurate and up to date information about immigration rules for students. Please take into account that application for a (student) visa and may take up to a few months. Your host university’s International Office will also be able to help you obtain the necessary documents.

  • Working permit for the US

    Obtaining a work permit for study or internship in the US is a difficult and usually lengthy procedure. Also, rules regarding the correct visa are subject to regular changes. Please visit the NUFFIC website for up to date information about US work permits.

  • Driver’s license

    Within the EU, your Dutch driver’s license is valid for six 6 months after departure from the Netherlands. Outside of the EU, an international driver’s license is required. This license is valid for 12 months and can be purchased at your local ANWB-store.

  • Passport

    Make sure your passport is valid until a few months after arrival in your host country. Rules for passport validity may change and are not equal for all countries. Check the embassy of your host country beforehand.

Please note: Travelling with the wrong visa could have serious consequences. In particular, a new US law enacted in 2009 requires every person traveling to the US to perform a mandatory online travel application beforehand. Please follow the ESTA-link below for more information about this particular requirement. The University of Twente is not responsible for the consequences of travelling with invalid documents.