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Health insurance

When you are doing an internship abroad, your Dutch health insurance generally just continues. This allows you to remain insured for medical expenses through your Dutch health insurance. Moreover, prior to your departure, it is also advisable to find out whether an additional supplementary health insurance (and travel insurance) is desired. This partly depends on your personal situation and the duration of your stay abroad.

Dutch students who temporarily go abroad to study and do so while being younger than thirty, remain insured for long-term care. This means that they are insured for medical expenses during their stay abroad.

However, if they decide to work besides their studies, or when they have a paid internship, this might affect the way they should arrange their health insurance.

When studying less than a year in the EU, the EEA or in Switzerland, Dutch students should get an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) from their insurer. The EHIC entitles you to emergency medical care, without you having to pay the costs then and there. The EHIC also guarantees the right to urgent medical care during a temporary stay in Australia. It only ensures the right to urgent medical assistance.