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Mobility information

You have recently been abroad and received a scholarship for your mobility. In order for us to administer your scholarship properly, and for us to determine if you are still eligible for the full scholarship amount, we need some additional information.

Please answer the following questions in regards to your mobility abroad before Friday 12 June 2020!

Personal details

On March 16 the UT Calamity Service started contacting all students who were abroad at the time, or about to leave the Netherlands. The measures from the Dutch government and the UT have most likely influenced the duration of your stay, the content of your mobility program, or any other details of your mobility. 

Most scholarships are funded by external parties, such as the European Union or the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
In order for the UT (and you) to still receive that funding, the UT must report exactly what happened to each individual student. E.g., did the student finish all courses online from home in the Netherlands, or did he/she stay abroad and follow online courses from their foreign address? Or maybe the mobility program has been postponed, or will be continued as soon as the student is allowed to travel.