International Offices Abroad

Information offices like the NESO’s can provide information about study and internship in a specific country. They also provide support to students from the Netherlands studying abroad. In this section you will find information regarding these information offices abroad.



Neso's are Netherlands Education Support Offices, overseas offices of Nuffic (Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education). They serve as a channel for information and provide support and liaison to the academic communities of the Netherlands and of the country they are situated in. They can provide you with information and guidance regarding the choice of an international course, educational programme or training in the country they are situated in.



The Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies in Damascus (NIASD) is a Dutch foundation aiming to advance and maintain the academic relations between Syria and The Netherlands. NIASD can help you find a (research-) internship in Syria, Lebanon or Jordan and offers support to students from the Netherlands studying in those countries.



NIHA is the Netherlands Institute for higher education in Ankara. The aim of NIHA is to create a bridge between Turkey and the Netherlands to benefit the internationalization of Dutch higher education.