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ISA subsidy request guidelines

The University of Twente greatly values international students being actively involved in the university community. An annual grant scheme is available, to support International Student Associations contributing to the vivid international including environment the university aims at. Grants are given for activities that enhance integration and interaction on campus. The unit International Support is responsible for the distribution of the funds.

International Student Associations are important for the University of Twente because:  

  1. they play an important part in making new international students feel at home while studying and living at the University of Twente. 
  2. they help international students connect with Dutch students and the overall university community.
  3. they give international students a voice. In UniTe, the Platform for International Students, students are able to discuss the university policy on internationalization.
  4. they contribute to marketing and recruitment goals of the University of Twente. With the associations’ websites and their activities, they visualize what it is like to study at the University of Twente. In addition, they help answer questions of international students considering studying at the University of Twente.

    At this point it is important to stress that for information about procedures (admission, visa, etc.), the website of the International Student Association links to the official websites of the University of Twente for this information.

How to obtain subsidy

  • A Subsidy Request for the activities your association intends to organize in the current academic year needs to be submitted to International Support before 15 November. You can find the necessary form here.
  • International Support will let you know before 1 January whether your request is granted. (e-mail message)
  • The maximum possible subsidy never exceeds 2000 euros per year.
  • Please, send in the associations invoice, stating the granted subsidy sum and following the instructions in the Invoice Guide. You will receive the installment within 4 weeks after submission of your invoice.
  • After receiving subsidy, you submit a Subsidy Review before July 1st.

Evaluation criteria

Please note, that subsidy requests are only honored when they meet a certain set of criteria. Following is a list of criteria for the activities you are requesting subsidy for: 

  • Activities promote integration and interaction on campus
  • Activities contribute to the visibility of international communities on campus
  • Activities are accessible for all UT students
  • Activities stimulate cooperation between student associations
  • Activities enhance diversity, tolerance and understanding


  • The Board of the student association introduces itself to the International Support unit at the beginning of every academic year
  • Attendance at meetings of the umbrella organization UniTe is obligatory
  • Granted subsidies may not be used for: board expenses, travel expenses, commercial purposes or activities for members only
  • It is not possible to object against the decision of the granting of your subsidy request.