Tuition fee

Compensation Pre-master

Premaster amount per EC

To follow a premaster programme you have to pay an amount per EC.
Academic year: 2017-2018    Amount per EC: €33.44
Academic year: 2018-2019    Amount per EC: €34.34

The total amount you have to pay depends on the number of EC’s from your premaster programme


Your premaster is 30 EC and you will start in the academic year 2017-2018. You will pay € 33,44 x 30 EC = € 1003.20.
Your premaster is 45 EC and you will start in the academic year 2018-2019. You will pay € 34,34 x 45 EC = € 1,545.30.


  • This regulation applies to both Dutch and international students with a premaster enrolment.
  • Instead of paying tuition fees, you will pay an amount in one go and in advance for your entire premaster programme.
  • There are two payment methods:
    • Authorisation in one instalment (not possible when you start from 1 February)
    • Transfer the money yourself
  • You have no right to a refund (repayment of a part of the amount paid) in the event that you de-enrol your premaster enrolment prematurely.