(De)-registration for courses/modules and enrol for re-exams (Canvas/Osiris)

Bachelor students

The University of Twente starts from the new academic year 2013 a new educational system (project steered modules of 15 EC) for all first year bachelor students. In order to participate in the education within the module you'll need to enrol in advance. Enrol for a module can through Osiris and may take up to a day before the start of the module. Once you've enrolled for the courses you are also enroled for Canvas and for the first opportunity of corresponding exams!
There are some exceptions:
• Repair of a module component previous academic year
• Follow a module component for a Master's program or minor
Do not enrol for the module, but go to your own BOZ. They help you out also for subscription to the Canvas.

Are you enroled for a module and you decide not to follow the module then you can still de-enrol through Osiris until one day before the start of the module. If you want to de-enrol after the closure of the enrolment period then you need te contact your study advisor.

Master students

Enrol for a course
In order to participate you need to enrol for the courses you want to follow. You can enrol to a day before the start of the quartile via Osiris for the course(s). Once you have enroled for a course you are automatically enroled for Canvas and for the first opportunity of corresponding written exams! Please make sure you will enrol for re-exams (see also “Enrol for an exam”)

De-enrol for a course
If you want to de-enrol for a course you can do this within the enrollment period through Osiris. If you after the closure of the enrolment period, still wish to carry be enrolled then you have to write a request to your BOZ.
If you want to de-enrol only for the exam you can do this through Osiris until one day before the exam is scheduled.

BOZ (Bureau Onderwijszaken):



( Faclulty: Engineering Technology)



( Faculteit: Electrical, Mathematics and Computer)



( Faculteit: Behavioural, Management and Social Scienes)



( Faculteit: Science and Technology )

Enrol for an exam
If you don’t have to follow the course anymore, but still need to do the exam you can also enroll separately for the exam.
You can enrol trough Osiris for all written exams mentioned on the examination timetable in the regular examination period as well as for the exams you take in the interim. Attention: subscribe for the exam and not for the course, this includes canceled courses for which only a second chance is offered.

Because the enrolment is linked to an examination date, the period for which you can enrol are also differs. For each examination you can enrol via Osiris from 40 days before the examination, up to 14 days before the examination. It will still possible to enrol for all examinations in the regular examination weeks in once, because the enrolment periods having a partly overlap.
For each (including interim) exam, you must enrol to participate in the exam:
- You can enrol from 40 to at least 14 days prior to the exam
- De-enrol can only trough Osiris and up to a day before the exam

Enrolment Periods for all education:
1st quartile: July 1, 2019 to September 8, 2019
2nd quartile: October 14, 2019 to November 17, 2019
3rd quartile: January 6, 2020 to February 9, 2020
4th quartile: March 23, 2020 until April 26, 2020

Information for current students, including links to educational systems, announcements, etc is available on www.utwente.nl/students