Admission and (de)enrolment

Change of address

Study-address / correspondence address

At this address you receive the mail from the University of Twente.

Change your study-address / correspondence address:

You can change your study-address / mail address in Studielink. Your new study-address / mail address will appear into the administration system Osiris of the University of Twente.

Follow the instruction below to change your mail address in Studielink: 

    1. Go to <My details> the page via <My Studielink> and select <Change mail address>.
    2. Enter your new mail address and confirm it.
    3. Your mail address is forwarded to the institution for higher education.

Please note: Do you receive a student grant? Then you must report your change of address separately to DUO. Visit to do this.

Students with a residence permit

If you have a residence permit, it is a prerequisite to keep your address up to date in order for you to maintain your residence permit. As the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) uses the Municipal Personal Records Database to check your details of residence, it is of high importance for you to notify the Municipality of your change of address as soon as possible.

Moving during the academic year in the Netherlands or abroad?

You can change your address in Studielink. This address will be transferred to Osiris through Studielink.