Pole Fitness® is an intensive and exciting training with an emphasis on strength, endurance and flexibility. Continuously pushing your limits and challenging yourself, Pole Fitness® provides you with almost infinite things to learn. Whether you are looking to lose weight, become fitter, stronger, more agile or confident; Pole Fitness® offers something for everybody, regardless of age or experience. This is achieved through a complete program focusing on methodical and didactically responsible exercise.

You will learn to hone your strength, endurance and agility in a fun and responsible manner. You do not have to do it by yourself either, instead you will train along others; motivating, inspiring and helping each other to master an exercise. During class you will be challenged to find your limits and push through them, ensuring you will not want to stop!

No experience? We also have a Pole Fitness courseIn this course you will learn the basics of Pole Fitness, it's not necessary to complete the course before joining the grouplessons. 






SC 6



SC 6


3 September 2019





This group lesson is given in the form of an open session throughout the year (with the exception of the UT vacations, holidays and occasional closure of the Sports Centre).

To participate in the open sessions you have to be in possession of the UnionCard and Fitness-card or Campus card and GrouplessonsCard.

If you would like to be informed of any news about the open sessions ( there’s something new on offer, the session space has been changed, the trainer is ill etc.) you can join our mailing list. This mailing list is maintained solely to communicate information about the group lesson programs, and for no other purpose. Click here for registration for the mailing list. You can also find the latest news here.

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