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Padel Grouplesson

Interested in Padel? Try our grouplesson PAdel! 

The grouplesson is organized weekly, during the grouplesson you will play matches, receive tips and training and also will learn about the rules and guidelines of a Padel match. There is a instructor available during the grouplesson. 

The grouplesson will be held at Plaza Padel, which is on the Go Planet Parc in Enschede. It is only 5 minutes from the Campus of the University of Twente. 

You can register for the grouplesson via DMS

Program 2021-2022


Tuesday 12:45h - 13:45h


16 November


Plaza Padel Enschede
Colosseum 70, 7521PT


Han Snijders


1. 6 September - 14 November
2. 15 November - 6 February
3. 7 February - 24 April
4. 25 April - 3 July


The online registration will start two weeks before the start of the course. Login to the DMS website and click for the courses on What’s on offer.

All information about the registration can be found here.

More information?
Tel: 053-4891148