Kangoo jumps, the shoes have been around since 1990. The first shoes with spring-blades underneath were presented at a sport fair in Paris in 1994. But Kangoo Jumps is more than just the shoe. You can have energetic exiting aerobics lesson with these shoes. And that is exactly what the sports-centre offers. An aerobic workout on spring-blade shoes. Available for everybody. A nice and cool way to offer you a new way of training with a lot of bounce.

Program 2019-2020






SC 6


5 September 2019


Denisa Damaschin




Sizes of the Kangoo Shoes (approximate)

  • S (36-39,5)
  • M (40-42,5)
  • L (43-45)

Select the right shoe size by pick up a ticket for Kangoo Jumps!  Wear high socks cover your ankles, in connection with the hight of the Kangoo shoe. This group lesson is given in the form of an open session throughout the year (with the exception of the UT vacations, holidays and occasional closure of the Sports Centre).

To participate in the open sessions you have to be in possession of the UnionCard and Fitness-card or Campus card and GrouplessonsCard.

If you would like to be informed of any news about the open sessions ( there’s something new on offer, the session space has been changed, the trainer is ill etc.) you can join our mailing list. This mailing list is maintained solely to communicate information about the group lesson programs, and for no other purpose. Click here for registration for the mailing list. You can also find the latest news here.

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