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Fit and vital with Tai Chi

Fit and Vital with Tai Chi 

The attention and energy that daily life demands of us on a mental and physical level has increased dramatically in recent decades. The result is that people find it harder and harder to achieve and preserve balance in their lives. 

Tai chi helps body and soul relax so that your energy levels get a chance to rebalance and you are nourished with the right amount of energy. During the course of three sessions, you get to know how your body functions and what you can do yourself to remain healthy using the basic principles of Tai Chi: breathing techniques, massage techniques, nutritional advice and physical exercises.  

The course Fit and Vital with Tai Chi was rated with a 9,2 in the well-being weeks 2021! 

Topics covered in theory and practice are: 

  • Subject course 1: Basic principles of tai chi / qigong in relation to health 
  • Subject course 2: Tai chi / qigong and the four seasons (focus spring) 
  • Subject course 3: Tai chi / qigong and the four seasons (focus summer) 
  • Subject course 4: Tai chi / qigong and the four seasons (focus autumn) 
  • Subject course 5: Tai chi / qigong and the four seasons (focus winter) 
  • Subject course 6: Stress 
  • Subject course 7: Breathing 
  • Subject course 8: Meditation & mindfulness 

PROGRAM 2021-2022


Wednesday 8.00-9.15h 


17 November


10 weeks 


€35,= for UnionCard houlders 


€50,= for CampusCard holders (employees and others) 


ONLINE (You will receive a link 1 or 2 days before the start of the course) 


Jelle Abma 




1. 6 September - 14 November
2. 15 November - 6 February
3. 7 February - 24 April
4. 25 April - 3 July


You can purchase the course via
After your purchase, we will sent you a link via e-mail. You will receive this link 1 or 2 days before the start of the course. This link will give you the option to join the session weekly. 
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