UTSportsNewsMember stop for UT-affiliated and external customers

Member stop for UT-affiliated and external customers

Due to the fact that we have a lot of new athletes, it is very crowded at some of our sports locations and a lot of athletes do not have the opportunity to, for example, be able to reserve a spot in the fitness or at one of our group lessons.

To be able to give our primary target groups (students and employees of the UT) a chance to practice their sport at the University, we have decided to introduce a member stop for UT-affiliated and external customers until further notice. In general this means the following:

-          New customers who are UT-affiliated or external, can’t register at the University of Twente to practice Sports.

-          UT-affiliated and external customers who already are registered as a member at the University of Twente, can keep on practicing sports at the UT.

-          AKI/Artez, TPC students and students from another Dutch University can still register because they are listed as students.

-          HBO Students (example: Saxion) can only register if they want to practice sports at a sports association. They can’t register if they want to practice other sports (for instance for a fitness membership).

Please note: The member stop is not applicable if you want to register only for a membership at a sports association. The sports association can decide if they use a memberstop or not. 

We understand that this can cause disappointment or inconvenience. At this point, we feel the need to introduce this measure to be able to keep sports available for our Students and employees.