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Actual sports options, compensation and measures

We have options for outdoor and indoor sports! Below you can find all the important measures regarding sports. 

The options we have for sports, are displayed below.

Please be aware!
For some sports at the UT it is necessary to make a reservation. Please read the information below if you want to make use of our offer. 

  • Make a reservation

    Make a reservation online
    To use one of the sports options, you’ll need to make a reservation through our DMS system. Please be aware that you can make a reservation starting 24 hours before the start of an activity. 

    To get an introduction to making a reservation, check our video below! 

    If you want to make a reservation, we ask you kindly to make a reservation for 1 timeslot only. It is not allowed to book 2 or more timeslots a day.

     You can make a reservation by the following steps:

    1.       Go to and log in.
    2.       Click on the menu item, Bookings.
    3.       In the Bookings section select the sports location, which you want to make a reservation for, by clicking the ‘Room’ drop down menu.
    4.       Select in the calendar the timeslot you want to make a reservation for, if the timeslot is red you can’t make a reservation. If the timeslot is green you should be able to make a reservation.
    5.       After your reservation, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation (in Dutch). Bring this confirmation and your UnionCard/CampusCard to the sports location and show it to one of our employees. You can bring the confirmation in a digital form. 

  • Cancel a reservation

    How to cancel a reservation

    There is a maximum of participants during a timeslot for all our sports. Therefore it is necessary to delete your reservation if you are not going to make use of it. This way your spot will come available for someone else. 

    If you made a reservation for a specific timeslot but you can't join the timeslot anymore, it is necessary to cancel your reservation. If you want to cancel a reservation, follow the steps below: 

    1. In, go to bookings. 

    2. In the 'bookings' page, select 'current reservations' 

    3. In 'current reservations' you can find your reservation. Click on 'delete reservation' and your reservation is cancelled. 

    We want to facilitate as many athletes as possible, we need your help with that.

  • Corona measures

    Starting 23 November, the following is applicable

    - Sports Centre is accesible with a studentcard (students), employeecard (employees) or QR code (external customers)
    - A facemask is mandatory
    - Stay at home if you have symptoms related to COVID-19
    - Wash your hands, do not make physical contact with others

    The Sportscanteen is open untill 20:00h. 

  • Dressing rooms

    Our dressing rooms are open again. You can make use of the dressing rooms in the Sports Centre, but we do have limited spots available. 

    Please follow the instructions, for the use of our dressing rooms, which are available at the dressing rooms of the Sports Centre. 

  • Fitness

    We have some restrictions and it is only possible to get access to the fitness with a reservation. Also we have a maximum of participants during a timeslot. We ask you kindly to check all our info about the fitness before making a reservation.

    Please be aware, it is not allowed to make a reservation for more than 1 timelslot a day. We want to give as much athletes as possible the opportunity to make a reservation for our fitness.

  • Grouplessons

    We have some important information if you are going to join a class: 

    - It is necessary to make a reservation via You will receive an e-mail confirmation, be sure to bring the confirmation and show it (digital) to the instructor. 
    - Please be sure to cancel a reservation if you are not planning to come to the class. This way your spot will open for someone else. 

    Check our grouplesson schedule here! 

  • Free sports on reservation (Beach, tennis and indoor)

    We have options available for free sports on reservation! Do you want to know more about these options? Check our webpage about free sports. 

  • Swimmingpool

    Our indoorpool is open and our outdoor pool is closed! More information can be found on our swimming website.

  • Online workout videos

    You can still do your workout at home! We have some workoutvideos and fitness schedules which you can use at home. 
    Click below to check the news item about online sport options. 

    Online workouts
    click here
  • Outdoor accommodation

    If you are going to make use of our outdoor accommodation, please be aware that an active UnionCard/CampusCard is required! 

  • Tennis

    Free sports Tennis
    Do you want to make a reservation for tennis? One person has to make the reservation and bring the (digital) confirmation, but all the participants need to show their personal UnionCard/CampusCard! 
    It is only possible to book the smashcourt. Bring your confirmation and your UnionCard/CampusCard to the court and show them to our Sports Centre employee. 

    It’s possible to make a reservation for tennis between the following timeslots: 


    09:30h - 17:00h 


    09:30h - 17:00h 


    09:30h - 17:00h 


    09:30h - 17:00h 


    09:30h - 17:00h 


    09:30h - 21:30h 


    09:30h - 18:00h

    You can sign up 24 hours prior to a reservation through DMS.

    Please be aware that your reservation is valid for a playing time of 75 minutes. UnionCard or CampusCard is required. 

  • Sports protocol

    Sports protocol
    We have set up a sports protocol which you need to abide by if you are using one of our accommodations. You can find the protocol here.

    At every sport location there will be Sports Centre employees who will make sure you can sport safely!