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Lets move for a better world

the campaign 

Let's move for a better world is a campagin with a powerfull message about the dangers of obesity and related problems. It motivates people to a more active lifestyle and a healthier world.
The community of the UT and all the people who want to support our campagin, donate their moves to our charity. Read more about the charity below. Our goal is to get the UT community more connected. 


The Symbitron + Exoskeleton Race Team wants to win the Cybathlon 2020 in Zurich. This competition is organised for Exoskeleton teams all around the world. The pilots of the teams have a complete spinal cord lesion and can't walk without an Exoskeleton. They will compete against each other by performing different exercises wearing the Exoskeleton. These exercises include walking up a stair, walking on uneven terrain and standing up from a couch. These things are common for most people, but for someone with a spinal cord lesion impossible. The Exoskeleton allows people with paraplegics to move again and learn how to walk again. Slowly they will get used to the feeling and get more mobile and faster with the Exoskeleton. The goal of the Cybathlon 2020 is to promote the research for Exoskeletons world wide and get people more aware of the consequences of spinal cord injury.   

Learn more about the pilot Niek de Jonge and help him to support the Exoskeletons! 

Make a donation! 
Create an account
  • To donate your MOVEs, you'll need a MyWellness account.
  • Please activate your account by clicking on the link in the email you'll receive. 
  • Download the MyWellness app and log in with your account.
  • You'll receive an e-mail from the Sports Centre about the challenge within 24 hours (if you don't receive an email, please contact
  • Please registrate for the challenge in the app. 
  • Connect your account with the apps and devices you use. Please note: give the MyWellness app access to your Health apps (Settings in the app > connect apps and devices), to registrate all your daily MOVEs. 
How to collect MOVEs

MOVEs are based on body movement. The more people move in a short period of time, the more MOVEs they collect! 

The MOVEs of your workouts will be collected in the MyWellness app. The maximum number of moves a day is 2000. Check the video below for an overview of how to collect MOVEs. 

Activity trackers
Connect your MyWellness account with the apps and devices you use. Please note: give the MyWellness app access to your Health apps, to registrate your MOVEs. Beside Apple Health, almost every phone has a Health app.

Check the connected apps below:

How to collect MOVEs in the gym!
IMPORTANT: If you are doing a workout in the gym, ask for a heartrate monitor at our Servicedesk. You can borrow one in exchange for a card with your name on it. Connect the heartrate monitor with your MyWellness app. Scan the QR code on the Techogym machine with your app and start moving! 

How to collect MOVEs outside the gym!
IMPORTANT: The MOVEs will only be collected if you select your workout in the MyWellness app! If you are doing an outdoor workout, select outdoor activities and choose your workout.

Check the connected apps below:

Join a TEAMBEATS session
Borrow a heartrate monitor and join one of the TEAMBEATS sessions.

Other cardio activities outside?
You can also track your lunchwalk or your trip to work by bike! 
Are you very active during a workday? Select a “walking” workout during your movements because every move counts! Follow the steps in the video! 

Bite the lemon challenge!

Get your family, friends and others active to support the campaign. Dare them to the bite the lemon challenge! 

  • Make a video biting a lemon and post it social media with the hashtags #bitethelemonchallenge, #letsmoveforabetterworld and #universityoftwente
  • Nominate 2 others in the video to do the same.
  • If they don't do the challenge, they have to start collecting MOVEs or donate on

Win prices

During the challenge the leaderboard will track the MOVEs of all the participants. It will also show the ranking of the most active MOVErs at the University of Twente and . So challenge your friends, family and others to take part and win nice prices!

The University of Twente participates in the challenge Lets move for a better world with more than 1000 other locations worldwide! 

1st price: The winner of the challenge during 11-30 March wins:
1x Scosche Bluetooh heartrate monitor

2nd price: a sports course of your choice and a Sports Centre goodiebag

3rd price: a Sports Centre goodie bag

The best MOVErs during the challenge win a Sports Centre goodie bag:
We will check the ranking on:
The leader on Friday 15 March, 12:00h 
The leader on Friday 22 March, 12:00h
The leader on Wednesday 27 March, 12:00h 

Open fitness

During the first week of the campaign, 11 March till 17 March, our Fitness will be accessible for everyone! So get your friends, family and others together and move for a better world!

Please show the MyWellness app at the Service Desk and get free access to the gym!


Find the real time dashboard 11-30 March here



  • I didn't receive an email about the Challenge, what's going wrong?

A lot of people didn't allow the app to send notifications. That's the reason why you didn't receive an email about the challenge. Please contact us when you want to receive the email (

Do you have any questions about the challange? Please contact us by email