Development training

With development training you will receive tennis training on a high level!

You can register for the development training via the form below. Please read the following information carefully before signing up.  

- You can pay for the development training monthly, 6 months or yearly. If you choose to pay monthly, you will need to purchase the month subscription at the beginning of a new month.
Please be aware, by purchasing a month subscription you will have to pay for a new subscription every month. This will not be done automatically.
After signing up you will receive a link for the payment.
The price per month is €35,-
The price for 6 months is €210,-
The price for a year is €315,-

 - With the purchase of development training, you will receive training for 10 months (one college year). You will receive 30 training sessions. 
With the payment for 1 month, 6 months or a year you agree with a contract of 10 months. Normally It is not possible to cancel your contract within these months. 

- If it is not possible to continue a session due to weather circumstances, the missed session will be rescheduled if there are training weeks left.  

- There is a possibility that your preffered day of training is full, therefore it is possible that you are assigned to another day. You will be contacted by e-mail about your training day.