Development training

With development training you will receive tennis training on a high level!
The sessions will take place on Saturday from 12:00h - 14:00h, starting 2 October.

You can register for the development training via the form below. Please read the following information carefully before signing up.  

- We have two subscriptions for Developement training: 
1. Development year: €315,- 
2. Development 5 months: €175,-
After signing up you will receive a link for the payment.

With the payment for 5 months you agree with a contract until the end of June. Normally it is not possible to cancel your contract within these months. 

 - With the purchase of development training, you will receive training for a period of 10 months. During these 10 months you will receive 30 training sessions. 

Missed sessions
- If we can't continue sessions, for example due to weather circumstances, we will compensate half of the missed sessions by rescheduling.
For example: Due to bad weather, you have missed 4 sessions, we will reschedule 2 sessions. The other 2 sessions will not be rescheduled. 

- If there is an uneven amount of missed session, the Sports Centre will reschedule most of the missed session.
For example: You have missed 3 sessions due to bad weather, the Sports Centre will reschedule 2 sessions. The other session will not be rescheduled. 

Please read our General conditions for tennis courses/classes.
General conditions in English
General conditions in Dutch