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More international students are choosing to study at the University of Twente, as a full degree or exchange student or as part of a joint programme. The population in our classrooms is gradually changing and, likewise, the need for support and expertise within our educational programmes. The university management’s strategic focus shifts towards a more proactive international relation management. Our university possesses a good deal of expertise in terms of internationalization; however, experts are not easily located and lessons at programme level are not optimally shared within the university. Students are satisfied with the UT as a university, but indicate the desire for a clear contact point where they can go with questions and meet other (international) students.

In past years, a start was made with the implementation of the internationalization Vision “2020: Educating the Global Citizen”, faculties received a yearly budget of 0.5 million for this. Collective efforts have been made for the establishment of an improved foundation for administrative procedures and the professionalization of support activities. This led to successfully optimizing operational processes surrounding admission and recruitment. There is a shifting demand for support now that this has been organized and educational programmes are redefining their ambitions. A central impulse is required in order to approach this professionally and quickly reach a status whereby internationalization is a going concern and the other objectives of the internationalization vision are achieved.

Therefore the Executive Board decided to start a programme with a duration period of three years whereby service departments and faculties collaborate in reaching the set objectives (more information can be found in the attached documents).

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