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How to integrate social media in a UT-website

For UT website owners we provide several options to integrate social media in UT websites. Examples are provided below. Instruction for Webhare users is available on the test website every WebHare user can see/open in WebHare.


The footer contains the social media channels of the UT. People can choose to follow the UT on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. This list of accounts in the footer section can be personalized for every single WebHare website. Every department can therefore present their own social media channels.


We offer our visitors a simple way to share interesting UT pages on their own social media accounts. Below every content you will find the Share this page (Dutch: Deel deze pagina) link. Hit this link to activate the share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, etc. By adding this activation step the UT website places less cookies.


Some widgets (blocks of additional content) are related to social media. There is a widget to show Tweets, a widget to promote a Facebook-page, a contact widget that shows the social media account of an organisation and a contact person widget with some social media account fields.