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Social Directory Tools

There are some tools available on the web to automatically create directories. Some (Dutch) examples are shown below: 

Twittergids (Dutch Twiter Index) gives an overview of Dutch tweeters and is an overview of people of the UT which are using Twitter. Due to this list it is easy to be found. 

How do you get on the list?

The following settings are important to get on the list of twittergids:

  • In your biography you have to mention ‘utwente’, ‘Universiteit Twente’ or ‘University of Twente’
  • In your settings under ‘profile’ you must have a recognizable location in the Netherlands, for example ‘Enschede, The Netherlands’. As far as known the setting under time zone has no influence, but to make sure nothing goes wrong, you can set it on Dutch time. 

Please note: 

  • It is possible that it takes some time before you are added to the list. But after 24 hours it should be working.
  • Also protected profiles are added to the twittergids. The biography and the number of followers can be seen even if it is a protected account. 

Coosto Index

Coosto is a large (Dutch and international) social monitoring and webcare tool. The Dutch universities offer a (almost free) licence for students and staff, available via (search for Coosto). Even without the students & staff licence, Coosto offers a free open social media index for brands, where all universities in the Netherlands are listed.

UT user directory

For the UT social media award we publish a list of UT users, that is available for download (PDF). This list is sorted not sorted by number of followers or messages, but by the amount of interaction with other users.