28-10 Nobel Lectures

The Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine are awarded every year in October. In order to gain an understanding of what these prizes are about, the Faculty of Science and Technology and Studium Generale organize the annual Nobel Lectures. Eminent scientists of the UT explain the prize-winning research. The lectures have become a tradition since 2007, with an impressive list of speakers: Herman ten Kate, Willem Vos, Jeroen Cornelissen, Vinod Subramanian, Markus Pollnau, Gerard van der Steenhoven, Jurriaan Schmitz and Michiel van Putten, to mention only a few.

This year the Nobel Lectures will be on Wednesday 28th October from 16 till 18 hrs in Horst C101. Dr. Martin Bennink will speak about DNA-repair, prof.dr. Maarten de Jong about Neutrino Physics.