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18/5 Do it yourself society - Tomas Sedlacek and Jan Rotmans

Studium Generale Saxion & Studium Generale UT
Enschede & Saxion Academie F€M - May 2015

Lectures & discussion & sandwich

Monday 18th May 2015
18h00-20h00 | Concordia: Oude Markt 15 - Enschede

Do It Yourself Society

How to reset our economy, our work, our society and our lives and to live happily ever after
Drs. Tomáš Sedláček (Macroeconomic Strategist)

Prof. Dr. Jan Rotmans (Founder Transition Research Institute Drift-EUR)

Moderated by
Drs. Natasja van den Berg (Political scientist - Tertium)

How much is enough? Economist Tomáš Sedláček is one of the world’s five hot minds in economics, and one not afraid to question his own discipline. He discusses the long-standing dogma of maximum growth at any cost. According to Sedláček this longing for growth is the cause behind our mounting debts and the gradual run down of our economic system! What do we need to stop being Debt-slaves? Sedláček discusses how to influence our economy, our gatekeepers in the EU and how to get our freedom back. Would we need to dismantle the €uro to create a reasonable economic growth in the future? In other words: what courageous steps do we have to take to create a sustainable economic system?!

Tipping Point! Professor Jan Rotmans is the founder of the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (Drift). According to Rotmans the Netherlands is on a tipping point. The balance of power is about to shift in a fundamental way. Society now is a down driven system with a central role for the government. The new order will be: a society determined by bottom-up local initiatives, such as communities, co-ops and networks. Rotmans shows us what an individual can do in education, healthcare, sustainable energy and finance. At this moment in time, everyone can make a difference.

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