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23/4 Ruhr tour: from steel to heavy metal


Ruhr tour: from steel to heavy metal

The Ruhr area used to be one of Europe’s most heavily industrialized regions, producing coal and steel. The area was full of mining towers, blast furnaces, chimneys and smoke. Roads, railways and canals crisscrossed the area, where cities grew like mushrooms. When the coal- and steel crisis emerged, most mines and factories had to close, with high unemployment as a consequence. How did this heavily polluted area with a bad image - it was called Germany’s ‘bottom’ - resolve these crises? It miraculously transformed into a livable area with lots of green, where you nowadays enjoy operas or heavy metal concerts in former blast furnaces.

Thursday 23rd April

Guided tour by Gert-Jan Hospers and Peter Timmerman. Prof. Gert-Jan Hospers holds a chair in Place Marketing at the Radboud University and teaches Economic Geography at the University of Twente. Ir. Peter Timmerman is philosopher of technology. Together they published the book Het Ruhrgebied voor Romantici.

Departure: 9.00 hrs. UT-campus/Cubicus. Return: 21.00 hrs.

Reservation is necessary, please send an email before 14th April to Prices (incl. lunch, coffee/tea and dinner) €55,- and €15,- (students).