European Union

European Union: history and future

BMS Symposium


Prof.dr. Hans Hilgenkamp about the genius Albert Einstein

Virtual Reality can make a better world

Virtual and Augmented Reality open up new worlds. The immersive world of VR computer games is a good example of this. VR & AR can also have practical applications: surgeons use AR-equipment during complicated surgery to look ‘through’ tissue. And did you know that a VR-goggle can help cure fear of heights?

Mobile phones and health

What can we learn from experimental studies about the risks of for example brain cancer?


Impress the judging panel and audience within three minutes while presenting a scientific topic of your choice. No slides, just science. 


With his Principia of 1687, Isaac Newton (1642-1727) laid the foundations of modern science. This achievement was possible because – as he phrased – he could stand on the shoulders of giants. When you open Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, however, you will have a hard time finding Newton’s laws and recognizing it as Newtonian mechanics.