No more part-time feminism

Lecture in the context of International Women's Day 2009

No more part-time feminism, is the title of Heleen Mees' collection of columns she published in NRC Handelsblad. These columns stirred a lot of attention in the media. Heleen Mees states that the Dutch one-and-a-half breadwinner model is a perfidious mixture of traditional gender roles with a touch of feminism. According to her, women must get a real prospect for top jobs. Stop homemaking! In this lecture she will expose her ideas to the UT population.

Heleen Mees is an economist, lawyer and columnist. Since 2000 she lives in New York, where she works as an adviser on European Union affairs. Besides her bi-weekly column in NRC Handelsblad, she has published in the International Herald Tribune, Le Monde and the Financial Times. She is co-founder of Women on Top, an organization dedicated to improve the position of women across the globe.

Lecture on Friday March 6th, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs. Vrijhof/Amphitheatre.

This program is a co-production of Studium Generale with the OBP-VrouwenNetwerk and the Female Faculty Network Twente.

This lecture will be in English. Admittance free, no reservations.