Department Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Research topic: wind energy

Research group: Faculty of Engineering Technology/Engineering fluid dynamics
People involved: Arne van Garrel

Research within this group focuses on the following fields:

1. Rotating flow machines

The flow in centrifugal pumps and around windturbine blades is studied experimentally and numerically, with the objective of developing methods for predicting the performance of these machines (such as head, efficiency, cavitation characteristics for pumps and generated power for turbines), and thus developing tools for improving the design of such machines. A rotating test-rig has been developed for experimental studies of the flows in impeller channels.

2. Aero-acoustics

In Computational Aero-acoustics finite-element methods are developed for computing sound propagation in fluids. The capabilities of these methods are analysed mathematically. Within the field of Experimental Aero-acoustics we study the generation of sound by objects. Furthermore, acoustics in two-phase flows are studied theoretically.

3. Fluid-structure interaction and aero-elasticity

Research on fluid-structure focuses on flowinduced vibrations of compressor valves and on the unsteady motion of bluff bodies, in particular of gas bubbles and solid spheres, induced by vortex shedding. Both numerical and experimental investigations are conducted.