Department Design, Production and Management

Research topic: Solar Energy

Research group: Faculty Engineering Technology/Design, Production and Management
People involved: dr. Elham Shirazi

At the University of Twente the master profile of SET in the subject of Solar Energy is strongly focused on applications of photovoltaic (PV) technologies. In particular the following four interrelated themes are embedded in ongoing research:

1. New concepts for PV modules

solar energy

This topic covers the development of innovative solutions for the design and material selection of PV modules in the context of the situation of use, i.e. in buildings, and improved manufacturing and processing.

2. Simulation of irradiance and PV systems

PV systems

At the University of Twente's virtual reality lab dedicated software has been developed to simulate irradiance on and performance of PV systems in various dynamic environments. This software is under development and must be extended with new features that have to be tested.

3. Product integrated PV, in particular PV powered boats

sunshine in Indonesia

The integration of PV technologies in products will become a challenge of the next decade. It requires an integrated view on system design, product surface use, material selection and manufacturing. Apart from consumer products, we focus on PV powered boats in Friesland.

4. PV systems in Indonesia

Solar energy is abundantly available in Indonesia, however PV systems haven’t penetrated the market yet. Therefore UT cooperates with several Indonesian parties to increase the use of PV systems. Projects in this field cover technical monitoring of PV systems, field studies to effects of energy access and energy planning studies.

Given these four themes, SET students who decide to complete their studies with a Solar Energy profile can execute their graduation assignment internally at University of Twente or externally in cooperation with companies or research institutes, eventually abroad.