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Department Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems

Research topic: smart grids

Research group: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science/Computer architecture for embedded systems
People involved: Marco Gerards & Johann Hurink

Smart grids are energy networks that can intelligently integrate the behaviour and actions of all units connected to it - generators, consumers and those that do both – in order to match the demand and the supply of energy in an efficient, sustainable, economic and secure way. In this subject, research focuses on:

  • local communities like residential areas and small business parks. The goal is to perform energy management at a local level in which the production and consumption are as much as possible in equilibrium.
  • In the smart grid, energy is not only used but also generated as near as possible to the consumers. Imagine wind and solar energy, but also generation based on climate neutral pyrolysis oil (see also energy from biomass).

Description: Smart Grids