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Department Thermal Engineering

Research topic: micro-CHP, heat pumps and heat storage systems

Research group: Faculty of Engineering Technology, Thermal Engineering
People involved: Mina Shahi, Jim Kok

A large portion of the energy use in the Netherlands is needed for domestic heating. With the introduction of heat pumps and domestic combined heat and power systems (micro-chp), combined with short and long term heat storage systems, this energy use can be decreased considerably. The research within this topic is aimed at increasing efficiencies of micro-chp sytems and heat pumps and on the design of heat storage systems.

This research topic includes:

  • Fundamental research of all thermal and fluid mechanical aspects of heat engines leading to optimal efficiencies. This research is done by 3 PhD students and several master students in close cooperation with a boiler manufacturer.
  • Research to new heat exchange materials which can be used in heat exchangers and regenerators of heat pumps and heat engines. This material is based on fine metallic structures (characteristic diameter of about 100 micron) with carbon nano-fibers (characteristic diameter of 100 nm, and characteristic length of a few microns) attached to it. Experimental research and numerical modeling is done by 2 PhD students and several master students.
  • Research on long term and short term heat storage systems with or without using geothermal energy. This research is done in close cooperation with IF technologies, the largest player in the field of geothermal energy. For short term heat storage applications there is a cooperation with the industrial design group of prof. Wim Poelman. This research is aimed at new (active) building materials.