Marine Energy

Marine Energy

Research topic: Wave Energy

Research group: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Water Engineering & Management
People involved: t.b.a.

The world’s tides, ocean waves and river currents all contain kinetic and potential energy that can be used for the production of renewable energy. Oceans possess huge amounts of energy and many highly populated cities are located next to the sea and oceans.


Marine energy can be divided into two groups – wave energy & tidal energy. The kinetic energy associated with moving waves of the ocean can be harnessed with range of technologies –floating buoys, platforms or submerged devices placed in deeper waters. Tidal energy is produced by the rise and fall of tides from the gravitational influence of the sun and moon. Turbines, dams or barrages (e.g. The Rance Tidal Power Station) can be used to harness the energy of tides.

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Marine energy as a whole is not widely deployed yet, but significant potential exists as first commercial projects are installed already. One of the big advantages of the marine energy is that is seen as a more predictable energy resource compared to other renewable energy technologies.


“image courtesy of Marine Current Turbines, a Siemens business”