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Department Sustainable Process Technology

Research topic: Biomass

Research group: Faculty of Science and Technology/Thermo-chemical conversion of biomass
People involved: professor Sascha Kersten, Wim Brilman, Guus van Rossum

Providing renewable and sustainable energy is one of the most important challenges of mankind. With biomass solar energy is captured using atmospheric CO2 as a carbon source which after utilization of the biomass and its derived fuels is recycled again to the atmosphere. In this way, in contrast to the used of fossil fuels, no additional CO2 is brought into the biosphere.Biomass fuels, once produced, easily fit in the present infrastructure for energy production including the transport sector. If production and conversion routes of biomass are carefully selected, specially ligno cellulosic biomass can be a large size sustainable energy source, not competing with the food and feed chains.

The research includes: