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Books and other practical information

Information for HBO premaster and KOM students SET 2020

For questions about your application procedure please contact Student Services. For questions about the pre-Master programme, please contact the pre-Master Coordinator (

Program introduction: last week of August
Kick-In 2020: (pre) Master introduction
We recommend you to check the website of the Kick-In for the most current information. Please also register here.

You can order the books at the study association: Isaac Newton.
Please check Osiris (educational catalogue) for each course to know exactly which books are used in the course.

Thomas' Calculus, Early Transcendentals (special edition for UT), ISBN 9781784498139

Practical Research: planning & design.
P.D. Leedy & J.E. Ormond
10th edition
Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN-13: 9781292021171

For some courses (f.i. system analysis, linear algebra) you’ll need a dictate, you can buy those at the Unionshop (Bastille).

The student administration uses Osiris. You are responsible for registering for each course before the start of the quartile.

The University of Twente uses Canvas to inform you about the content of each course. After registering for a course in Osiris you will receive access to the canvas site of that course.
Attention: some pre-Master courses are part of a Bachelor module and you will only need to focus on the information restricted to that part.

Pre-Master finished, what do I have to do?
In order to be admitted to the Master you have to finish your pre-Master within a year. The programme usually ends in March, when the last re-exams are offered. As soon as you finish your pre-Master the pre-Master Coordinator will inform the Student Administration (CSA) that your pre0-Master registration can be changed into a master registration.

For questions about the program:
J.G.M. Kemna MSc. - Pre-Master coordinator ME SET CEM CME