Master programme

Master programme

Introductory courses

Technology and sustainable development

Participating Studies: Sustainable Energy Technology (MSc-SET), Master Mechanical Engineering (MSc-ME)

Course Description

This is an introductory course which starts with defining the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development. Different perspectives on sustainable development are discussed, from the viewpoints different groups in society (government, business, NGO, public), from different problems and interests between the North (or industrialised countries) and the South (or developing countries) and from different paradigms and worldviews. The role of technology in the context of addressing sustainability issues, with a particular focus on energy, is examined. Environmental economics and financial analysis are used to critically assess decision making in sustainable technologies. Students actively work with and assess tools for the measurement of sustainability including LCA and ecological footprints to gain insights into their use and interpretation of results.

The course is structured in sets of one lecture session and one discussion session per topic. This provides a stimulating setting for active participation in discussions, relating theory and concepts to current national and international factors influencing sustainable developments. Part of the assessment is based on student presentations.

Starting knowledge

This course is open to SET students and other MSc students with a technical background with an interest in sustainability issues.


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Credits (ECTS)

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Description: t A.L. Kooijman-van Dijk


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Description: t A.L. Kooijman-van Dijk, prof.dr. J.C. Lovett