Master programme

Master programme

Integration project and internship SET

Project or Internship

The master programme Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) includes an obligatory ‘Integration project’ or an ‘Internship’. A project provides experience in working in a group for students without these skills. An internship, also called work placement, is for students without relevant work experience. Foreign and HBO students will likely have to do the Integration Project instead of an internship, depending on their background. An objective of SET is to give students experience with foreign cultures. Therefore, Dutch students are encouraged to do an internship abroad.

The period of the integration project is in the first year. It starts in the second quarter and lasts till the summer holidays. You can do this part time and also follow courses. The period of the internship is in between courses and the master’s assignment, which means that you will likely do your internship at the beginning of the second year of your Master’s Programme. For the project, there are no limitations concerning the courses you have finished. For the internship, you have to have finished at least 2/3 of your courses. The projects gives 15 EC, the internship 20 EC.

For projects, professor Van der Meer and dr. Gerbens-Leenes can provide you with subjects. They cooperate with the energy coordinator of the University, for example. For the internship, the Student Mobility Centre (SMC) can support to find a suitable employer. Take enough time to search and organise an internship. For an internship in the Netherlands about half a year, for an internship abroad a year might be necessary.

These are the steps you have to do:

•When you start searching, register at the Student Mobility System (SMS). This system can be found at: by filling in the file tab ‘Registration’ (‘Aanmelding’ in Dutch). Then we know that you are searching.

•Get access to the Blackboard site ‘Internship’ (119915; for students Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Technology). When the SMC receives internship vacancies, they place them on Blackboard. Most vacancies are in the Netherlands, some are abroad.

•When you have found a suitable place, notify us by filling in the file tab ‘Assignment’ (‘Opdracht’ in Dutch).

•Also, you need a UT supervisor.

•Within two weeks after you started the internship, fill in ‘Notification’ (‘Melding’ in Dutch) in Blackboard. Then we have information about the mobility of our students, important in case of calamities.


Access to the Blackboard site ‘Internship’ is granted after registering at the SMC. This site provides you with information regarding internships, such as hints and tips for searching, preparation, execution and finalising, links to relevant parts of the Manual External Training of the University of Twente and examples of accomplished internships.

What more to do:

•read the Manuel External Training, with useful information regarding the internship. This manual is made for all assignments carried out outside the University. The Master’s Programme SET has some additions and small deviant instructions to this manual, which are indicated on the Blackboard site.

•register at the SMC via the Student Mobility System (SMS), this system can be found at: You will receive a confirmation email and get access to the Blackboard site ‘Internship’.

•Make an appointment with the internship coordinator for possibilities regarding the internship and to get company names, ideas and suggestions for possible places.

•Find a supervisor?

People to help you:

•Project coordinator
Dr. P.W. Gerbens-Leenes
Office: Horstring N 238
Tel: 2080

•Internship coordinator:
Dr. D. van de Belt
Office: Horstring W 204
Tel: 2457

•Student Mobilty Centre (SMC) support:
Ms. D.J. Nijhuis
Office: Horstring Z 222
Tel: 1194