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Email for employees: default (private) vs functional mailbox

The LISA offers support for two types of e-mail boxes. These are the following:

  • Default (personal) e-mailbox;
  • Functional e-mailbox.
  • Description


    All students are provided with a Google Apps for Education account with an e-mail address ending with (e.g. The size of this mailbox is 25 GB.

    Employees can use a default e-mailbox, including spam filter. LISA is responsible for managing these e-mailboxes. The standard size of the mailbox is 3GB (+3GB archive) for employees. This e-mailbox is linked to the employee himself/herself. With the aid of Outlook WebAccess, the e-mailbox can be used at all computers with an Internet connection and web browser. This software also allows personal digital calendars to be managed. All UT employees' e-mail addresses end as standard with


    The functional e-mailbox is intended for departments, research groups and other groups who, jointly, have to use an e-mailbox. These are then also registered with the relevant research group or department and is not linked to a specific person. The default ending of all e-mail addresses of a functional e-mailbox is The size of a functional e-mailbox is the same as that for employees (1GB + 2GB archive).

  • Requests

    The standard e-mail box is automatically created for employees and students. This, therefore, does not have to be requested. Employees are able to request a larger storage space. To request a larger storage space for the e-mailbox please contact the Service Desk ICT.

    A functional e-mail box can be requested using the web form. This web form can also be used to change the functional e-mail address and to unload the functional e-mail box.

  • Costs

    No costs are incurred by the user for using the standard and functional e-mail box. These costs are passed on by the LISA to the faculty or service. A larger storage space is possible for an additional cost. You can find more information about the costs on the selfservice portal.

  • Conditions

    The following is required if you wish to use either the standard or a functional e-mail box:

    • computer with internet connection;
    • e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Postbox or;
    • web browser to access the e-mail box through the Internet (

    A functional mailbox may only be requested by employees.

  • Delivery

    No delivery time applies to the standard and functional e-mail box. A request for additional storage space will be dealt with within 5 working days.

  • Support

    For support, use the selfservice page. Should you have any other questions, need additional user rights or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.


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